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Evan Balkan lives in Towson, Maryland with his wife and two daughters, both of whom play soccer. He plays and coaches soccer, too, and is pretty sure that heaven must be a well-manicured soccer pitch. When not playing soccer or writing, Evan likes to travel. He's been to more than 30 different countries, most recently Norway, Sweden, Ecuador, and Costa Rica (his favorites remain Peru and Iceland). Please note: Evan is available for author readings and lectures; he has appeared in many venues, including radio and television, and loves nothing more than speaking to groups. Workshop topics include travel writing, screenwriting, and more generalized writing.

And now, the more boring stuff:

Evan Balkan has published six books of nonfiction (plus Secret Baltimore, forthcoming in 2020) and one novel (plus one forthcoming in 2020: Independence, from the University of Wisconsin Press), as well as many essays and short stories. His screenplays have twice won the Baltimore Screenwriters Competition, as well as a Saul Zaentz Fellowship, a Rocaberti scholarship, and have been finalists in the Screencraft Screenplay Competition and the ISA Stowe Story Labs fellowship. He is a co-writer for the television series, Wayward Girls. He coordinates the English Department at the Community College of Baltimore County, where he runs the creative writing program, and is an adjunct faculty member in the Johns Hopkins University's graduate Teaching Writing program. He holds degrees from Towson, George Mason, and Johns Hopkins. The latter degree is in fiction; his thesis project, the novel Root That Mountain Down, won an Individual Artist Award for Fiction from the Maryland State Arts Council.

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